Coffee Terms

Acidy This does not necessarily indicate the actual degree of acidity in the bean but refers to the sharp and pleasing taste that is neither sour nor sweet. A pleasant sharpness of taste. As acidity is best described as a pleasant, tangy “bite” at the first taste, it is considered a desirable quality by many coffee drinkers. Acidity is a bright, lively taste that makes coffee the ideal morning wake up.
Aroma Because the senses of taste and smell are so closely related, the presence of a powerful, evocative aroma can really enhance the experience of a great coffee. Many exceptional coffees does not have a notable aromatic quality (1 bean), while others, when brewed, pervade a room with the desire to drink (4 beans).
Baked A flat taste usually caused from under-roasting.
Body This refers to the taste sensation as the flavor settles on the tongue. It is synonymous with richness of flavor and aroma. A thin, watery tasting coffee with little flavor is said to lack body. Starts with a light, “thin” mouth-feel (1 bean) & progresses to a full-bodied, “heavy” mouth-feel (4 beans).
Burnt A smoky or charcoal taste caused from over-roasting.
Flavour Ranges from mild (1 bean) to deeply rich (4 beans); by far the most subjective of coffee’s characteristics, we’ve tried to ranked flavour in terms of its distinctiveness. Distinctiveness does not necessarily mean better; many coffee drinkers prefer a mild brew.
Fruity A sweet aromatic flavour, similar to berries.
Green Underdeveloped fullness of flavour, mildly sour.
Harsh Quite self-explanatory ! An unpleasant taste once described as ‘a kin to raw weeds’. This characteristic of Robusta coffees. Few coffee drinkers prefer a hint of this harshness in their blend.
Musty Has moldy taste.
Rioy Harsh strong medicinal smell.
Sweet Smooth, absence of harsh of “off” tastes.
Winy A taste that, according to some, is reminiscent of well hung pheasant. This taste is obtained from beans that have been fermented.
Grading Terms
Supreme The highest grade coffee.
Prime Grade The finest quality of bean grown at high altitudes. These can brew straight, yielding a flavorful, full-bodied brew.
Medium Grade Light bodied, flavorful, slightly acidic, with pleasant aroma. These can be brewed alone although they are usually blended with other types to balance flavors.
Natural Unwashed Used as blenders to combine certain flavors.
Robustas Primarily grown in Africa. They have variable flavors and are used usually is blends to add more body or to tone down flavors. They also reduce the cost of coffee.