Coffee Grading

After cleaning and drying, the beans are picked over to remove debris and then graded according to shape and sizes. A simple process using sieve known as ‘Screen’. The final product is then labelled according to where it is picked, how it is dry and is sized using letter of the alphabet shown below:

AA Grade Plantation A screen 18/20 – whole bold beans of a good even size which grows well and taste excellent.
AB & B Grade Screen 16 – also whole beans but not as large. They roast well but look as good for the bean trade, or taste as good as AA.
C Grade & Broken Sometimes small, bitty, reject which scorch easily; can be lost in the pre-ground coffee!
E Grade This stands for Elephant; the huge beans that appear randomly in the day’s pickings. They are graded out because they make prime coffees look uneven but they can also taste different with a less concentrated, but wonderful nutty flavour.
Peaberry A single neat round bean randomly found, like E Grade. Some producers grade Peaberry out and sell it separately. The view is that a single bean in a cherry and have a more concentrated flavour than 2 beans in a cherry.